Reduce cost and complexity in regulatory change management and compliance through automation and collaboration

RegHub's revolutionary collaboration model, automation systems and machine learning algorithms help you conquer regulatory compliance challenge with ease.

With RegHub, opportunities for efficiency and effectivity improvements are endless

RegHub simplifies regulatory change management and compliance processes, effectively eliminating risks and lowering costs.

Structured and interconnected universe of global regulations and regulatory news in one place.

Smart regulatory data

Automated real-time detection of regulatory obligations and their impacts on your business.

State-of-the-art regulatory change & compliance management

Unique hub for better collaboration and discussion on regulatory challenges, inside and outside your company.

Powerful ML & analytics engine

End-to-end management and traceability of all your regulatory obligations, tasks and internal controls.

Regulatory systems and data fusion

Task automation and technology integration along the whole regulatory change and compliance process.

Regulatory systems and data fusion

Flexible, interactive reporting and audit evidence at the push of a button.

End-to-End Support

From the moment a regulation is published, to the implementation of control mechanisms, and audit-proofing, RegHub is there for you.

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Benefits of RegHub


Substantial cost savings


Risk minimization


Significant conversion time optimization


Boost in transparency for an audit-proof process


Increased degree of compliance


Frictionless collaboration & streamlined workflows


See RegHub in action with our Sustainable Finance package

Sign up for FREE 30-day access* to RegHub with a preloaded Sustainable Finance package.

*30 day access to the online version of Reghub for up to 3 users. The trial includes all technical RegHub features and one free regulatory package.

Regulatory Obligation Filter

Automated regulatory change detection as well as filtering of relevant obligations based on AI / ML and Real-Time Data Analytics. Smart functions paired with a sophisticated collaboration model and on-demand standardized knowledge packages for efficient regulatory analysis deep-dives.

Relevant Regulations

All relevant regulations are available in one golden source, structured in the form of objects in logical hierarchies and ready for further processing.

Impact Filter

AI / ML and Real-Time Data Analytics based identification of interdependencies between global regulatory obligations and their impacts on processes, organizational units and products. Deep Impact & GAP assessments supported by standardized expert knowledge packages, predictive analytics and direct digital channels to external service providers.


All impacts structured, analyzed, assigned and interconnected (with corresponding regulatory requirements) in one place.

Change Management Filter

Clean and standardized transformation of impacts into single functional requirements, perfectly aligned for agile implementation.


Full regulatory change progress tracking, traceability and reporting (also uniting other project management tools and the internal but also external teams).

Control Filter

Automated suggestions on control design, best practice control frameworks and control automation.


Centralized control framework, including control action planning, management and documentation.


Open APIs from/to internal IT systems, 3rd party automation software as well as specialized analytic and reporting solutions allowing even bigger control automation.

Audit Proof

Smart cockpits for real-time compliance monitoring as well as a transparent end-to-end audit trails on all taken regulatory change measures.

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