How to start using RegHub

How to start using RegHub

Welcome to RegHub! Whether you’re the first person at your organization to sign up or a new hire on a team already using it, this article will teach you the fastest way to get the most value out of RegHub and how to use the key features. It won’t explain everything, but we will cover the fundamentals to help you start using RegHub the best way, right away.

Setting up your personal and company profile

Setup client

  1. Setup your personal profile: You can change our personal profile (like password, name, address, eMail or other profile information) and configure the RegHub regulatory outlook to your personal needs by selection those regulatory and business channels in all countries relevant for your personal business.
  2. Setup company profile: The client profile is a major starting point for your work in RegHub. A proper client profile will enable RegHub to automatically propose relevances and impacts of regulatory news and publications. You can set up your company profile by simply adding organisations, processes and products from the RegHub sample profile to your specific company profile.

Stay updated about regulatory news and publications

Regulatory Outlook

  1. Open “Regulatory Outlook” Tab on the starting page of RegHub.
  2. Apply the filter on the left side of the Regulatory Outlook to narrow search results to the level you are searching for. Save your personal filter by pressing “Save filter” and receive your daily regulatory notification directly in your eMail account.
  3. Get details of each news or publication by pressing the “i”-Button, forward interesting news to those colleagues that might be affected or assign a specific, traceable task to affected colleagues.

How to navigate in RegHub


RegHub is a object-oriented platform in which all data like regulations, impacts, measures and controls are structured in hierarchical tree structures.

RegHub provides several options to navigate through that data.:

  • The left bar: The left bar is a central element of the navigation in RegHub. With the left bar you can navigate through your data by first selecting the type of object (regulations, impacts, measures, controls) you are searching for and second by navigating through the selected structure. By clicking on an tree element, details opens on the right side of the screen.
  • Recent objects: With the “Recent” button you have access to a list of direct links to those objects, that you have visited recently.
  • The “Home” button: by pressing the “Home”-button you will always return to the starting page.

In the header of each selected object you see the related path of this object. The path is interactive, so you can directly jump to any element of the selected path.

Build up your regulatory collaboration space

RegHub Workflow

  1. Import recently published regulations or regulatory packages by switching to the Regulatory Outlook - Publication or Package Tab.
  2. Request the regulation by pressing the “Request”-button to start the import process.
  3. Please select, if you would like to receive additional functional components, like an Initial Impact Assessment and the Regulatory Health Check.
  4. After confirming your selection, you will be informed within 15 minutes after the important has been completed. You can now open the imported regulatory content directly from your “My Notification” dashboard.
  5. Open the new regulation and start working: You can link it to other regulations, you can add and share, assign tasks, use RegHub automated analysis features or upload further regulatory documentation like related statements, specifications or Q&As.

If you step by step import those regulations that are relevant for you company, you will build a rich regulatory collaboration space, which perfectly meets the characteristics of your company and your personal field of work

Learn more about RegHub with other resources

Congrats! You’ve taken your first step in learning how to use RegHub. There are lots of other resources to help you and your team along the way, for all different kinds of learning styles.

Please have a look on the RegHub blog, where we continuously publish new best practices and guides about advanced RegHub features. So you can learn how to create and process a regulatory Gap & Risk Assessment, or how you can setup an maintain a Control Plan.


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