Four steps on how to use the RegHub Regulatory Outlook

Four steps on how to use the RegHub Regulatory Outlook

Four steps on how to use the RegHub Regulatory Outlook

The RegHub Outlook helps you to detect regulatory obligations and their impacts on your business, automated and in real-time.

This guide will show you in 4 steps how you can easily set up and use the Regulatory Outlook.

Step 1: Set up your company profile and sources:

(RegHub “Enterprise” and “Professional” Version ONLY)

The RegHub “Enterprise” and “Professional” Version allows you to easily create your company profile in order to utilize the full capacity of the RegHub ML Engine. In case you use the “Academic” or “Trial” version of RegHub, proceed to step 2 below.

To create your company profile, follow these steps:

A: Open the company drop-down and click on “Edit company profile”


B: Select all checkboxes which apply to your company. After you have finished the selection, press the button “Apply”. The drag & drop mechanism allows you to quickly depict you company in the required level of detail.

C: After you customized your “Organization” as in step B, repeat the same procedure for “Processes” and “Products” if you like.


Step 2: Use the Regulatory Outlook

The Regulatory Outlook will update you on regulatory news on daily basis.

A: Select “Regulatory Outlook”. The Regulatory Outlook consists of 3 categories: “News”, “Publications” and “Packages”. In “News” you will find all news. “Publications” are a subset of “News” containing publications of regulations or other obligations (inclouding drafts). “Packages” are the RegHub packages (for more information see our Regulatory Packages page)

B: If you have finalized Step 1, all news with potential relevance for your business will be flagged. Press the information icon “i” to get additional information on one particular piece of news.


C: Apart from additional information, included keywords, concepts and the link to the official publication, you can also directly look up more related news by pressing “Related news”. Furthermore, you can review the impact indicators identified by the RegHub engine and define / share tasks related to this particular regulatory novelty (we shall explain this processes in a separate article).


Step 3: Set up your sources of interest

To further focus your personal Regulatory Outlook on the news of your interest, you can set up the relevant news sources in RegHub.

A: Click on the arrow next to your profile picture and select “Regulatory Outlook settings”. On the right side of the window you will see the current selection of publication sources you are monitoring.

B: Select you sources of interest by checking and unchecking the boxes. For more information about sources just click on the icon “i” next to a source. You can select your preferred sources for both the “News” and the “Publication” category.

In case you cannot find a source relevant for you or you have your own sources (e.g. payed sources), please do not hesitate to contact us. The integration of additional sources is quickly done.


Of course, you can further narrow and focus your personal Regulatory Outlook. See how:

A: On the left side of your Regulatory Outlook you can find different filters. Enter your parameters (e.g. country, timeframe, publisher) and apply “Search”. You can also use the interactive map for your search.


B: If you would like to keep your selection for the future, just choose the “Save” button after you set the filters. Now RegHub will immediately show you all the relevant news according to your filter, and inform you on any updates via Email as well.

C: You can also search for particular terms by using the “Text search” field.

That’s it! If you have further questions or if you are interested in other features of RegHub, please contact us via or join our newsletter.

To learn how to optimize the way of collaborating in RegHub, please see our Community Guidelines for Collaboration.

We are looking forward to your joining us in RegHub!

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