Four steps to start or join a Discussion in RegHub

Four steps to start or join a Discussion in RegHub

Collaboration is one of RegHub’ major goals. An important feature of RegHubs collaboration capabilities are Discussions.

By means of Discussions every RegHub user can exchange information (e.g. Q&A) on every level of granularity with other RegHub users. Discussions can range from strategic topics to specific regulatory challenges. This is possible because RegHub digitally structures regulatory requirements top-down.

Each user can search for and join existing Discussions or open the new ones. Discussions can be private (only RegHub users within a company) or public (all Reghub users - company independent - can join and exchange ideas).

Public Discussions, for example, can be a powerful means of exchanging ideas, questions or interpretations among companies in a much faster and a more transparent way then is done today, paving the way for the transparent market standards and a common understanding of regulatory requirements.

This guide will show you in 4 steps how you can join an existing discussion or open a new discussion in RegHub.

Step 1: Open a regulatory object which contains an active Discussion

In RegHub the regulatory requirements are single, structured objects. Each regulatory requirement can contain one or more Discussions. There are multiple ways to open objects in RegHub, for example:

A: via the left navigation bar or

B: by directly choosing an assigned object in your My Notification bar

Open object

Step 2: Alternatively, search for open Discussions

If you do not know which regulatory objects contain the Discussion you are searching for

A: search directly for the specific Discussion by opening the Search Bar.

Search discussion

Step 3: Open the Discussion Tab

Once you have found the object, which contains the discussion you are searching for, please open the “Discussion”-Tab. Each object has one.

A: The Discussion tab contains all Discussions of an object.

Open discussion tab

Step 4: Join an existing Discussion or open a new Discussion

In the Discussion tab you have 3 main options:

A: Open a new discussion if you cannot find a discussion that covers the topic you would like to talk about. You can choose between private and public discussion. While private discussions are only visible to RegHub users of your company, public discussions are visible to all RegHub users.

B: Joining the Discussions of the selected object: you will be informed about new posts via eMail and your Notification board, so that you will be always kept up to date.

C: Post to an existing discussion

That’s it! If you have further questions or if you are interested in other features of RegHub, please contact us via or join our newsletter.

To learn how to optimize the way of collaborating in RegHub, please see our Community Guidelines for Collaboration.

We are looking forward to your participation in RegHub!

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