The 5 pillars of RegHub

RegHub is based on five key pillars that enable companies to tackle regulatory challenges more efficiently and effectively. Scroll down to find out more about each one of them.

1 A revolutionary collaboration platform

RegHub is facilitating smart communication and collaboration on regulatory change, compliance and audit questions & tasks within the company, between companies, with associations, supervisories and advisors.

internal external collaboration

Internal Collaboration

RegHub fosters standardized collaboration in your company, enabling agile, streamlined workflows within the regulatory change management process.

  • Different teams, business units and employees are connected and collaborate on new obligations from the start to the end
  • Employees are able to easily assign tasks, share results or discuss questions related to specific regulatory obligations, impacts or internal controls
  • Communication and knowledge building is standardized, centralized and transparent

External Collaboration

RegHub builds trustful and secure collaboration channels to other companies, associations, advisors, supervisory authorities, and auditors.

  • Direct collaboration between companies on new regulatory obligations leads to a common understanding of requirements (market standard) and better quality of their implementation
  • Associations can coordinate virtual roundtables, where different parties not only discuss current hot topics more efficiently, but also stay permanently in touch
  • Exchange and collaboration with consultants and advisors is flexible, focused and location independent
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2 Smart regulatory data

RegHub automatically structures the universe of global regulations in one powerful Single Point of Truth, detects patterns and builds logical connections between millions of regulatory and legal requirements, enabling machine processing and global collaborations on any level of detail.

  • Integration of daily regulatory data, collected from hundreds of sources worldwide
  • Automatic structuring of the global regulatory universe in one powerful Single Point of Truth - regulations as single (atomic) requirements and logical interdependent regulatory structures
  • Pattern detection and building of logical connections between millions of regulatory and legal requirements
  • Automated structuring of all data, ready for further machine-processing and global collaboration on any level
  • Automated filtering of regulatory data, relevant for your company
  • Descriptions and statements of individual regulatory requirements
  • Interpretations and explanations on specific regulatory requirements and questions
  • Additional individual questionnaires for GAP assessments
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2 State-of-the-art regulatory change & compliance management

RegHub powers clean and effective regulatory change project management, governance and communication in one place. Furthermore, RegHub offers a wide range of flexible real-time monitoring and reporting possibilities.

  • Golden source of all past, current and future regulatory implementations from the scratch and end-to-end
  • Clean and effective regulatory change management framework, ensuring a best practice regulatory change management, governance and monitoring
  • Easy modelling and workflow based management of regulatory impacts, required measures or necessary controls
  • Individual real-time monitoring of regulations, regulatory news, insights as well as relevant publications
  • Flexible real-time tracking and reporting, such as dynamic flexible dashboards on the compliance status, regulatory change progress, compliance risks and audit trails
  • RegHub digital assistant supporting along all steps of the regulatory change management and compliance process
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2 Powerful ML & analytics engine

RegHub maximizes efficiency in otherwise manually performed regulatory analysis, implementation and control by utilizing Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and real-time data analytics technology.

  • Easily set up and maintenance of the company-specific profile, serving as a basis for advanced data analytics features
  • Automated real-time monitoring and identification of relevant regulations, including alerts on impacts by new regulations
  • Regulatory information is distilled according to preferences and RegHub automatically generates further background information
  • Automated regulation equivalence analysis across global jurisdictions
  • Automated identification of impact areas (in terms of organisational units, processes and products) and provision of company specific suggestions on measures to be taken

4 Regulatory systems and data fusion

RegHub is not replacing your current system architecture but making it more valuable for regulatory change management and compliance processes.

RegHub connects with other specialized solutions and IT systems, pulling together all needed regulatory and compliance relevant data from different sources and making them available in one central place. That way, the whole regulatory change management and compliance process becomes highly optimized.

Furthermore, RegHubs open API makes all data and work results available for further data analytics, visualization and processing in your organization. RegHub connects seamlessly with tools and systems such as:

  • Your local risk management or compliance suite
  • RPA Solutions (e.g. UiPath or BluePrism)
  • Project management and collaboration tools (e.g JIRA or Slack)
  • Azure or IBM cloud data and tools
  • Microsoft Sharepoint or local hard drives
  • Additional data analytics tools (e.g. Elasticsearch, PowerBI or Tableau)
Regulatory systems and data fusion


Everything you need, in one place

Searching through local storage/cloud drives and email is now thing of the past. RegHub serves as a well-organized knowledge base where you and your team can easily search for and access relevant documents and information.

No more redundancies

Transparency and organization are quintessential for smooth compliance operations. With all data regarding your compliance operations organized and stored in one central place, redundancies are reduced to zero.

Benefits of RegHub


Substantial cost savings


Risk minimization


Significant conversion time optimization


Boost in transparency for an audit-proof process


Increased degree of compliance


Frictionless collaboration & streamlined workflows


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