Crypto Assets and Digital Currencies

Target group

Blockchain / Crypto companies of any size and business model, traditional companies of any kind and size, launching or planning crypto asset related initiatives, FinTechs

Executive summary

There is a lot going on around crypto assets. And there is still much more to come.

In fact, companies all over the globe are currently facing challenging questions about crypto asset regulation and are eagerly awaiting more certainty in order to proceed with the implementation of their ideas and projects.

Currently crypto assets are comparatively lightly regulated and not all of this regulation has been effectively applied to date. While still in its early stages, the right regulatory approach will also significantly depend on how crypto assets evolve.

Some countries are already taking the pioneer role in regulating crypto assets publishing, at least, a general regulatory framework. And others will inevitably follow, since rules on, for example, AML/KYC, combating the financing of terrorism, investor protection, consumer protection, stability of individual financial institutions, stability of the financial system or taxation have to exist.

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