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Week 25 Jan - 07 Feb 2021

Digital Culture in Banking, Tax Playbook for the Digitalised Economy, MDBs financing climate adaptation, LIBOR transition, Qualified Intermediary (QI) agreement and affect non-US banks

Transformation, digitalisation and growth are terms that we regularly use in today’s business world, but their meaning and context are always changing. In our newest Recap you can find out how digital culture can influence transformation in banking, the news on digitalised economy in the field of international taxes, what is the importance of MDBs in financial climate adaptation and more. We also covered questions on the LIBOR transition, the changes to the Qualified Intermediary (QI) agreement and their effect on non-US banks. Enjoy reading! --- If you like our Recaps, make sure to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

Week 18 Jan - 24 Jan 2021

Sustainable Finance and the Road to Net-Zero, Exchange Traded Funds and the Short-Sale Ban, Responsible Leadership, ESMA cloud outsourcing guidelines, PayPal: Cryptocurrency Integration

In our weekly Recap we always try to single out a variety of topics from the business world to keep you up to date. This time we listed out articles about responsible leadership, ESMA cloud outsourcing guidelines, PayPal and more. If you want to find out how sustainable finance can support the road to net-zero or what do a spider and exchange traded funds have in common, just keep reading. Enjoy! --- If you like our Recaps, make sure to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

Week 11 Jan - 17 Jan 2021

Avoiding Risk in 2021, EU Compliance Outlook for 2021, Why Sustainability Is the New Digital, Cloud-based MFA, CBDC for Retail, Wholesale and International Payments

As we approach 2021 and say goodbye to the last year, we try to learn from our past decisions and make conclusions for the future. In this week's Recap, we attempted to do just that. With that said, we have two articles that reflect on guidance and recommendations to follow in 2021. Nevertheless, there are also articles with more day-to-day topics, like Cloud based MFA, Why sustainability is the new digital and Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). If you like our Recaps, make sure you subscribe at the bottom of the page.

Week 26 Oct - 01 Nov 2020

Compliance During Recessions, ESG Roadmap, Climate Change Regulations, Risk Analyticls to Fight Fraud, AI Solutions for AML/KYC

Currently, we see many things changing in the business world, including the financial service sector. We like to point out some of the most interesting articles around those fast-changing topics. The first article of today is about efficient compliance during a recession. Furthermore, we have articles about an ESG roadmap, about climate change regulation, about using risk analytics to fight fraud and a selection of five outstanding AI solutions for AML and KYC compliance.

Week 19 Oct - 25 Oct 2020

Digitalization for Retail Banks, Contract Compliance, Data and AI for ESG, New Sustainable Finance Regulations, Risk-Management against COVID-19 crisis

Hello, this week we have again some very interesting articles. The first one is about how digitalization of the customer experience in retail business can pay off in the long term. Furthermore, we have five best practices for compliance with contracts and other legal documents. We also like to include two articles about sustainable finance. Last but not least we have a comprehensive article on how risk management should change in light of the current crisis.

Week 06 Sep - 12 Sep 2020

Adverse Media Screening, Quality Control Culture, Ethical Use of AI, AML And Other Crimes, Asset Management Study 2020

Hello, this week we have an article about adverse media screening, about a real quality control culture in your compliance campaign and on how AI can be used ethically. Furthermore, we have an article about the relationship between AML and other crimes. Last but not least we found an interesting study from ZEB about the current Asset Management industry, especially in times of COVID-19. --- If you like our Recaps, make sure you subscribe at the bottom of the page.

Week 23 Aug - 29 Aug 2020

Regulations for Neo Banks, RegTech Helps With Risk Management, AML Trends in 2020, Open Banking KPIs, Innovation Shares Regulation

Hello, this week is we have an article about the top regulatory priorities for Neo Banks. The current crisis highlights the need for proper risk management for financial service providers. A very good article from explains how RegTech can help. We have also an article about AML trends and Open Banking KPIs. Furthermore, we have a study from the FCA about how innovation shapes regulation. --- If you like our Recaps, make sure you subscribe at the bottom of the page.

Week 16 Aug - 22 Aug 2020

Sanctions Compliance With Technology, AMLD6, Adverse Media Screening, Control of Internal Compliance, Future of Mobile Payments

Hello, this week we have an article on how technology can help with sanction compliance, about the AML6 directive, about adverse media and about taking control of your internal compliance. Last but not least we have a comprehensive article on the future of mobile payments in Germany. --- If you like our Recaps, make sure you subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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